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Osprey Packs Argon 85 Backpack

Sized to accommodate a week's worth of backpacking or mountaineering gear, the Osprey Argon 85 backpack features an ergonomically enhanced suspension and hipbelt design specifically made for men. While most hiking, backpacking and climbing packs are all about stowing gear, Osprey's Argon 85 combines those storage options with a supportive AirScape backpanel, BioForm A/X features and a ReCurve Suspension for an exceptional fit. The Osprey Argon 85 also has an AquaSource ReCurve hydration pouch that connects either to the backpack's internal backpanel or on top of contents inside the pack. Like other Argon series backpacks, the Argon 85 has a removable top pocket that doubles as a lumbar pack for short excursions around your backcountry campsite. Lycra/nylon blended stretch panels along the front and side pockets easily expand to accommodate additional camping and outdoor gear without straining zippers and straps.

Price: $398.95

Osprey Packs Mens Argon 70 Backpack

Designed for three-day weekends or possibly abbreviated summer weeks in the backcountry, the Osprey Argon 70 for men gives you the features of a larger multi-week trekking or adventure travel backpack without the excess weight. The Argon 70 features Osprey's distinct AquaSource ReCurve hydration pouch, a hydration harness compartment that connects to the internal backpanel of the backpack through buckle connections. You can also place the AquaSource ReCurve hydration pouch on top of the Argon 70's internal contents or beneath the top compartment. The removable top pocket converts to a lumbar pack for day hikes around your base camp. Osprey's Argon 70 backpack also includes stretch side pockets, a front panel zipper for easy content access and a separate sleeping bag compartment to help you keep your clothing and backcountry gear organized.

Price: $368.95