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Kamik Womens Heidi Rain Boot

Specifically oriented toward wet weather throughout the fall and winter, the Women's Heidi Rain Boot from Kamik features a traditional waterproof rubber construction augmented with comfort refinements like a high definition lining and a removable Kamik Comfort footbed. It's a far more comfortable alternative to those cheap black rubber garden boots found piled high in the bins of discount outlet stores. This particular version of the Kamik Women's Heidi Rain Boot is oriented toward fall/winter conditions, although the only difference between this boot and the spring/summer Heidi Rain Boot is the height of the upper. The spring/summer rain boot has a 14-inch height instead of the standard 11-inch height. If you garden in all weather conditions–or just find yourself raking leaves and weeding whenever you can spare the time–the Kamik Heidi Rain Boot for women is a step up in rubber boot comfort.

Price: $31.49

Kamik Womens Ellie Rain Boot

Those autumn leaves won't rake themselves, so ignore the rain and step out into your garden or yard with these waterproof Women's Kamik Ellie Rain Boots for women. Kamik's footwear features make these Ellie Rain Boots a far better value than the cheap rubber boots you sometimes find piled high in clearance bins. That's because Kamik added a soft Canadian fleece lining and a removable Kamik Comfort footbed for optimal comfort in wet and cold conditions. The upper on the Ellie Rain Boot extends a full 14 inches in height, which is substantially more than Kamik's Heidi Rain Boot and ideal for navigating deep mud and flooded pastures. Along the bottom of this rubber boot is a Kamik RAIN outsole that improves your grip on slick muddy, mossy and rain-saturated surfaces.

Price: $55.99