The North Face Mens Windwall 1 Vest

If you're not a fan of frigid headwinds while running, cycling or Nordic skiing, you'll appreciate the windchill-inhibiting design on this Men's WindWall 1 Vest from The North Face. As the name suggests, the front of the WindWall 1 Vest features a highly wind resistant WindWall fleece barrier that is rated at 14 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). It's not entirely windproof. That's because The North Face intentionally opted for a degree of wind penetration through their Men's WindWall 1 Vest so you can enjoy comfortable cooling during extended high-impact aerobic activities. When sized properly, the WindWall 1 Vest has a standard fit that layers well over workout clothing without being too restrictive around your torso. The arm holes are large enough that you won't notice tugging or pulling on any long-sleeved running shirt layered beneath the vest. Note that the WindWall fleece barrier is only on the front of the Men's WindWall 1 Vest. If you need more wind protection from all directions, consider other windproof offerings available from The North Face.

Price: $79.95

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