Burton Kids Lasso Vest

When searching for a brand new snowboard jacket there are numerous attributes you'll need to think about for inclusion in the jacket such as added warmth for fortifying your upper body, hand warmers to bury your hands when it's freezing, a great fit in the hip/chest/arm areas, etc. The Burton Kid's Lasso Vest has quickly risen to the peak as one of the category's best operating coats for all sorts of icy cold temperatures. It is equipped with many of the whistles and bells necessary to carry out a fine day on the mountain. It can be sported above a high end base layer as well, and we'd advocate one from either Foursquare, Burton, Patagonia or Patagonia. Of course, Burton could have congenial base layers available that you don't want to overlook.Burton snowboard coats are some of the best for sale. The Kid's Lasso Vest comes in Amethyst, Lustrous Pink, Paisley and Roasted Brown. Depending on the color of your other pieces of gear, such as your snowboard pants, gloves and bags, you may want to pick up a color that synchronizes well with the rest of your sports closet.

Price: $35.95

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