The North Face Womens Snow-Drift Tall Boots

Traditional heavy winter boots usually offer waterproof protection, excellent traction and good thermal warmth, but The North Face Snow-Drift Tall Boots for women give you all the same qualities with less weight per boot. It's not uncommon for some winter footwear to weigh over two pounds per boot, but the Women's Snow-Drift Tall tips the scales at a little over a pound per boot, depending on which size you need. That's an important weight savings if you take long winter walks or tend to complete your snow-day errands on foot. The polyurethane-coated upper is backed with a waterproof and breathable HydroSeal membrane for full weather protection. Ample 400 g Heatseeker insulation earns the Snow-Drift Tall Boot a -40F (-40C) comfort rating from The North Face. Other nice touches include a snowshoe heel clip and temperature-sensitive IcePick lugs for improved traction.

Price: $69.99

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