CAT Footwear Mens Generator 6in Steel Toe Work Boots

Rugged and durable leather uppers combined with the Extreme Slip Resistance rubber outsole makes the Men's Caterpillar Generator 6in Steel Toe Work Boots prepared to take on any job site. The Generator is packed with safety and comfort features like CAT Ergo Technology that lends anatomical design features to make working on your feet feel comfortable and supported all day. You're also protected with the CAT Electrical Hazard construction that protects the wearer against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions. The Flexion Engineered Construction assists in fighting foot fatigue by propelling steps forward and providing ample support. Created for heavy industrial uses, the Caterpillar Men's Generator 6in Steel Toe Work Boots make your work day more than just tolerable.

Price: $104.95

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