The North Face Big Shot Laptop Backpack

If you need one backpack for your school or work commute, but you also want the option of using it as daypack on the weekend, the Big Shot Laptop Backpack from The North Face is an ideal solution. In the industry this is called a crossover pack–a versatile design that gives you the functionality of a book bag or school pack, plus outdoor-oriented options for recreational hikes and all-day excursions. The North Face loaded their Big Shot Laptop Backpack with features without making the pack overly cluttered and complex. Inside the main compartment is a padded laptop sleeve that accommodates laptop computers with screen dimensions up to 17 inches–that's significantly larger than the 15-inch screen dimensions found in many laptop bags on the market today. Next to the padded laptop sleeve is a hydration tube port that allows you to swap out your laptop for a hydration reservoir (sold separately) during weekend trips. Ergonomic FlexVent injection-molded shoulder straps and BackSaver bottom panel help optimize the ergonomic comfort, even when you overload the Big Shot Laptop Backpack with all the work you forgot to finish over the weekend.

Price: $108.95

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