JanSport D2 Backpacking Pack

There's just something about the JanSport D2 Backpacking Pack that invokes such a feeling of summer freedom that just the site of it is enough to invoke memories of icy lakes, fresh trout on a campfire and blisters from stiff leather boots. This JanSport external frame backpack has the look of an old school pack, but smells fresh and new and has a few modern upgrades to make it more comfy. The ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, foam hip belt and foam back panel offer cushy padding to help you carry your gear comfortably for miles while multiple zippered pockets and a separate sleeping bag compartment on the bottom keep you organized. Some things on the JanSport D2 Backpack haven't changed we're happy to report, like the square frame with room for lashing extra gear and the retro orange color.

Price: $233.69

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